45 Record List

100 Proof Aged in Soul-Somebody's Been Sleepin' in My Bed bs Ive Come to Save You-1971-Hot Wax-45-(VG+)-$5-very minor surface marks & noise

Ace, Buddy-Kicked the Habit bs The Real Thing-196?-Paula-45-(VG+)-$6-label NM, no marks & very minor surface noise

Amboy Dukes-Journey to the Center of the Mind bs Mississippi Murder-1968-Mainstream-45-(VG+)-$7-very minor marks & surface noise, with Ted Nuget

Barkays-Soul Finger bs Knucklehead-196?-Volt-45-(VG+)-$10-black & orange label, minor marks & surface noise, small sticker on one side

Brown, James-Santa Clause Goes Straight to the Ghetto bs You Know It-196?-King-45-(VG+)-$6-K12773, no marks, some minor surface noise

BT Express-Peace Pipe bs same-1975-Roadshow-45-(VG+)-$5-no marks & very minor noise, smokin' funk song

Carr, James-Dark End of the Street bs Lovable Girl-1966-Goldwax-45-(VG)-$10-some marks & surface noise, an absolute classic

Chilites-Stoned Out of My Mind bs Someone Else's Arms-1973-Brunswick-45-(VG+)-$5-B55500, no marks, little to no noise, not as good as the Stylistics original, but more funky

Cooper, Les & Soul Rockets-Wiggle Wobble bs Dig Yourself-1962-Everlast-45-(VG+)-$7-no marks & little to no noise, a hit in 1962

Devaughn, William-Be Thankful For What You Got bs Part II-1974-Roxbury-45-(VG)-$6-minor marks & surface noise, an all time classic song

Dixie Drifter-Soul Heaven bs Three Chairs Theme-196?-Roulette-45-(VG+)-$6-no marks & little to no noise

Earth Wind & Fire-Lets Groove bs instrumental-1981-Columbia-45-(VG)-$1.50-some marks and noise

Ebonys-Its Forever bs Sexy Ways-1973-Phila International-45-(VG+)-$6-Gamble & Huff produced

Flaming Ember-Shades of Green bs Dont You Wana Wana-1970-Hot Wax-45-(VG+)-$5-no marks & little to no noise

Funk Factory-Horsin' Around bs same-1975-Atco-45-(VG+)-$5-no marks & little to no noise, slight warp does not affect play

Gibson, Beverly Ann-Do It Right Now bs Light A Candle-196?-DEB Records-45-(VG)-$5-some minor marks & surface noise

Heatwave-Boogie Nights bs All You Do Is Dial-1976-Epic-45-(VG)-$4-some minor marks & surface noise

Honey Cone-The Day I Found Myself bs When Will It End-1971-Hot Wax-45-(VG)-$2-normal wear & minor noise
Honey Cone-While You Were Out Looking for Sugar bs The Feelings Gone-1971-Hot Wax-45-(VG+)-$3-normal wear & minor noise

Hues Corporation-Rock the Boat bs All Goin Down Together-1974-RCA-45-(VG+)-$3-"So id like to know where, you got the notion"

Impresisons-Mighty Mighty Spade & Whitey-1969-Curtom-45-(VG+)-$8-some minor scuffs & surface noise, writing on the label
Impressions-My Decieving Heart bs You Want Someone Else-197?-ABC-45-(VG+)$5-no marks & little to no noise, with Curtis Mayfield

Intruders-Slow Drag bs So Glad Im Yours-196?-Gamble-45-(VG)-$3-minor marks & surface noise, white label promo

Isley Brothers-This Ole Heart Of Mine bs There's No Love Left-1965-Tamla-45-(VG+)-$7-no marks & very minor noise, UK issue, all time classic song

Jones, Etta-Dont Go To Strangers bs If I Had You-1960-Prestige-45-(VG+)-$5-maroon label, record plays close to NM

King, Evelyn Chapagne-Shame bs Dancin' Dancin' Dancin'-1977-RCA-45-(VG+)-$5-no marks, very minor noise

Knight, Jean-Mr Big Stuff bs Why I Keep Living These Memories-1971-Stax-45-(VG)-$5-No marks and some minor noise.  Label slight ring wear.

Kokomo-Asia Minor bs Roy's Tune-1960-Felsted-45-(VG+)-$5-no marks & little to no noise

Lee, Laura-As Long As Ive Got You bs A Man With Some Backbone-196?-Chess-45-(VG+)-$5-no marks & very minor surface noise

Looking Glass-Brandy bs One by One-1972-Epic-45-(VG)-$5-minor marks & surface noise, all time classic

Manhattans-Kiss & Say Goodbye bs Wonderfull World of Love-1976-Columbia-45-(VG+)-$5-no marks or noise, class soul tune

Manfred Mann-Blinded By the Light 7"-1976-Warner Bros-45-(VG+)-$1

Mary Jane Girls-In My House bs instrumental-1985-Gordy-45-(VG+)-$5-no marks & little to no noise, classic tune

Midnight Star-Operator bs Playmates-1984-Solar-45-(VG+)-$2-"This is an emergency"
Midnight Star-Scientific Love bs Make Time To Fall In Love-1984-Solar-45-(VG+)-$1.50

Moments-Love On A Two Way Street bs -1975-Stang-45-(VG)-$2-some marks and noise

Ohio Players-Skin Tight bs Heaven Must Be Like This-1974-Mercury-45-(VG+)-$2.50

Ritenour, Lee-Is It You-1981-Electra-45-(NM)-$1

Rivers, James-Thrill Me bs Take It All-197?-JBs-45-(VG+)-$8-Label one minor marks and otherwise looks new.  Record no marks and minor surface noise.  Funky

Ross, Diana-Im Coming Out bs ?-197?-Mowtown-45-(VG)-$2.50-some minor marks & surface noise

Roxy Music-To Turn You On-1981-Virgin-45-(VG+)-$2

Seeger, Bob-Old Time Rock n Roll 7"-1978-Capitol-LP-(VG)-$.25

S.O.U.L.-On Top Of The World bs This Time Around-1973-Musicor-45-(VG+)-$9-no marks or noise

Spinners-Could It Be Im Fallin In Love bs Just You & Me Baby-1972-Atlantic-45-(VG)-$1
Spinners-One of a Kind Love Affair bs same-1973-Atlantic-45-(VG+)-$3-blue label one side, red & white label other
Spinners-Ghetto Child bs We Belong Together-1973-Atlantic-45-(VG+)-$1
Spinners-Im Coming Home bs He'll Never Love You Like I Do-1974-Atlantic-45-(VG+)-$1
Spinners-Working My Way Back To You bs Disco Ride-1979-Atlantic-45-(VG+)-$2

Taste of Honey-Boogie Oogie Oogie bs World Spin-1978-Capitol-45-(VG+)-$2.50

Untouchables-Goodnight Sweetheart bs Vickie Lee-195?-Madison-45-(VG+)-$12-no marks & little to no noise

White, Barry-Cant Get Enough Of Your Love bs Just Not Enough-1974-20th Century-45-(VG)-$2-worn but clean

Wright, OV-I'd Rather Be Blind Cripple Crazy bs Please Forgive Me-1973-Back Beat-45-(VG+)-$2-I'd Rather Be VG+ with no marks & minor surface noise, burn on Please Forgive Me that affects the first half of the song but is still listenable

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