All listed LP's are play graded conservatively. I do not sell any records that are not playable or that I would not want in my collection myself, with only a few exceptions as noted in the comments. All gradings are guaranteed. I will refund your money, excluding postage, if the grading does not meet the standards below.


SSStill sealed
NMLike new. No visible wear.
VG+Some minor visible wear, but no damage. Little or minor ring or seam wear
VGSome combination of seam wear, spliting, writing, stickers, tears, stains
VG- or GIn bad shape, but if collectible, still worth owning


SSStill sealed
NMLike new. Very minor signs of having been played.
VG+No marks or minor marks that do not affect the playing condition. Little or very minor surface noise
VGHas been played quite a bit without serious abuse. Some surface marks and noise, but still in good playing condition
VG- or GPlayable, but beat up


The following abbreviations are used to further describe the condition of the record.

ccCut Corner
cohCut out Hole
dnapDoes Not Affect Play
promoPromo Copy (not white label)
psPicture Sleeve
RV#*Ricky Vincent Rating from 1 to 5-see link from main page for further detail
slt wrpSlight Warp
smSaw Mark
sm splitSeam Split
sm wearSeam Wear
solSticker on Label
socSticker on Cover
srSlight Ring Wear
stampPromo Stamp
tocTape on Cover
tolTear on Label
trocTear on Cover
wlpWhite Label Promo
wocWriting on Cover
wolWriting on label
wsWater Stain

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