International Package Aggregation Service (PackAgg)

o Are you a record collector living outside the United States that buys a lot of records from the United States?
o Are you tired of having to pay a lot of money to ship a single record from a vendor in the US?
o Are you tired of records sent from the US getting lost in the mail or arriving broken because they are not packaged well?
o Would you buy more records from the US if you could reduce the cost of shipping and eliminate the chances of loss and damage?
o If you and your record collector friends could pool the records you buy from the U.S. to save on shipping costs, would you?

I am a collector, buyer and seller of records. I sell a lot of records to customers that live outside the U.S. I am always dismayed by the amount of money international record collectors have to pay to have their records shipped to them. As you know when you buy records from the U.S., you pay a lot for the first record and only a little for each additional record. But if you are only buying one record, you are out of luck. I want to try and reduce the amount of money my customers spend on shipping, to allow them to spend more money on records.

I offer a service to record collectors residing outside the United States to allow to you buy records from anywhere in the US and have the records sent to me. I will store the records in a safe, temperature controlled place for you and hold them for you for as long as you wish. You can continue to buy records and have them sent to me for as long as you like. Whenever you are ready and tell me, I will aggregate the records into one package using a new LP mailer and bubble wrap and send the records to you. You do not have to buy records from me to utilize this service. If you do the math, the more records you buy and aggregate, the more money you save on shipping costs. You could get together with your record collector friends who also buy records from the U.S. and pool your records into one shipment, thereby reducing shipping costs for each individual. In addition to saving money:

o You gain access to more records from US vendors.
o It is less costly to buy single records and win ebay auctions.
o You can buy from vendors that will not ship internationally.
o You reduce the risk of loss or damage due to poor packaging and multiple shipments.
o You gain piece of mind that your records are in good hands.

How It Works

1) Send me an email and register with me. Let me know who you are and that you are interested in using my service.

2) You buy any records you want to buy from US vendors.

3) You pay the vendor for the records and shipping to me in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia. You request that the vendor send the records to me by ďMedia Mail with Delivery ConfirmationĒ. This is a cheap but secure method and should cost approximately $3.50 for the 1st LP and $.50 for each additional LP.

4) You inform me through email that I should expect a shipment. Tell me the vendor name and the number and names of the records to expect.

5) When I receive the records, I will inform you that I have received them and check that the contents of the package are as you expected. If they contents are not correct or there is damage, I will send them back to the vendor on your behalf.

6) You can buy and send me as many records and packages as you like over whatever period of time you like. I will hold as many records as you like for as long as you like in a safe, temperature controlled place.

7) When you are ready, you inform me. I will box the records up in one package using a new LP mailer, cardboard inserts and bubble wrap to ensure no damage.

8) I will weigh the package and quote you the options and costs of shipping. You will inidicate your shipping preference, and send me a payment for the packaging materials, the cost of shipping and a small fee for my services.

9) If you desire, I will provide inner paper and outer plastic sleeves, if the records donít already have them.

I mange the service through email and an offline database, using the same application I use to manage my record sales today.

Cost of Service

I charge $.50 a record no matter size (45, 12" or LP). I will not charge you for the amount of time the records stay in my inventory. Take as long as you need. I want to ensure that the cost of the service does not exceed the benefit of using the service. I want you to save money using the service.

Benefits of the Service

These days it costs $18 to send one LP from the US to most places in the world. If you do some simple calculations, you will see that very quickly, you can save money on shipping. The more records you aggregate, the more money you save. For an example, if you lived in Europe and bought five individual records from five different US vendors, here are the economics:

o $84 ($18 x 6) - Cost to ship six 1 LP packages from five different US vendors to Europe
o $24 ($4 x 6) - Cost to ship six 1 LP packages to me in US
o $3 - PackAgg Fee
o $35 - Approximate shipping cost of one package with six LPs to Europe
o $2 - Paypal fee


In this example, you would save $20 in shipping costs for six LPs. Every situation will differ depending on number of shipments and records, but if there are a lot of small shipments, you will save money. In addition to saving money, there are the following other benefits:

Reduced Risk:

o Many US record sellers do not package well. I will use LP mailers, inserts & bubble wrap to ensure no risk of damage.
o Sending one package instead of many reduces risk of loss of and damage to any one package

Reduced Cost:

o The more records you order, the more money you save
o Insurance on one package instead of many packages reduces cost and eliminates risk

Increased Access to Records:

o Increased incentive to buy one record from different U.S. vendors
o Increased incentive to participate in ebay auctions
o Many US record sellers do not ship internationally, but they will ship to me and I will ship to you


o My service allows you an unlimited period of time over which you can build up an inventory of items which can be aggregated into one shipment.

Can I trust my records will be safe?

I have been a record collector and seller for 25 years. I appreciate the care that goes into record collecting. I have record customers that can vouch for my commitment to quality. I will personally ensure and guarantee that nothing happens to any record in my care and that all records are delivered to you safely. If not, I will reimburse you financially.

What happens when there is a problem with the in-bound shipment?

I will check all in-bound shipments and ensure that what you ordered is what I received. I will ensure the records are not damaged. If there is a problem and you agree, I will return the package to the vendor.

It will take longer for me to get my records

It is true that you will have to wait longer to get your records. The service works as fast as you can buy and aggregate. If you buy a lot of records in a short period of time, the records can be aggregated and sent to you quickly.

Who Am I?

Iíve been a record collector since the early 90ís with an interest mostly in 60ís & 70ís funk, soul, R&B, funky jazz and reggae LPs. Since the mid 90ís Iíve been selling records, not as a full time job, but for fun and to make a few dollars to supplement my own collecting. I offer the PackAgg service in the same way I sell records, on a small and personal basis and scale. If you have any questions regarding the service, please feel free to contact me. If you are ready to get started, send me an email today or continue to the next step below. I appreciate your business and hope & believe that this service can save you money in your record collecting. Thank you.

Andy Macaleer
Stone Groove Records

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