This page provides specific steps & instructions for utilizing the PackAgg service. For a more general overview of the service, use the link below to go to the PackAgg Service Overview page.

Step 1 - Registration

The first step is to inform me that you would like to utilize the service. Send an email to: and provide me with YOUR NAME and YOUR FULL SHIPPING ADDRESS.

Step 2 - Inbound Shipments

Once you have registered with me, buy any records you want to buy from U.S. record vendors and have them shipped to me. You pay the vendor directly for the cost of the records and for the cost of shipping the records to me. Request that the vendor send the records to me by “MEDIA MAIL WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION”. This is a cheap but secure method and should cost approximately $4 for the 1st LP and $.50 for each additional record. Some vendors will offer this method, some may not. You should push the vendor to ship MEDIA MAIL WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. I do not buy records from any vendor that is not willing to send by MEDIA MAIL to minimize shipping costs. It usually means they are making money on shipping. If the record or package is worth more than $20, I recommend you buy insurance, which is approximately $1 for every $20 of insurance. Tell the vendor to send the records to:

Andy Macaleer
Stone Groove Records
768 Hillview Rd
Malvern, Pa. 19355

Inform me by email at to expect the shipment. I need to know the VENDOR NAME, NUMBER OF RECORDS and NAME OF EACH RECORD if you want me to check that you got what you ordered. When I receive the records, I will inform you that I have received them and check that the contents of the package are as you expected. If they contents are not correct or there is damage, you may inform me to send them back to the vendor on your behalf.

Step 3 - Outbound Shipments

You can buy and send me as many records and packages as you like over whatever period of time you like. I will hold your records for as long as you like in a safe, temperature controlled place. When you are ready, inform me you are ready to ship by sending an email to I will box the records up in one package using a new LP mailer, cardboard inserts and bubble wrap to ensure no damage. I will weigh the package and quote you the options and costs of shipping. You will inidicate your shipping preference, and send me a payment for the packaging materials, the cost of shipping and the PackAgg service fee. Once I receive payment, I will send your package.

Shipping Options

I utilize U.S. Post Office International First Class to ship international packages. Shipping costs vary by weight and country, but are typically $18 for the first LP. 6 LP's is usually around 1.8 KG usually and $35. USPS sends confirmation and tracking emails, but I can not guarantee other country's delivery. In order for me to guarantee that the package arrives at it's destination, you must either REGISTER or INSURE the package. If you do not select these options and the package is lost, I can not be held financially responsible for your package. If you utilize these options and the package is lost, I will reimburse you for your loss based on me being reimbursed from the U.S. Post Office.

PackAgg Service Fee

The fee is $.50 per record no matter what size (45, 12" or LP). I do not charge you for the amount of time the records stays in my inventory. I want to ensure that the cost of the service does not exceed the benefit of using the service and that you to save money using the service. To ensure you save money, I can perform a calculation for you that shows you the cost of shipping all the inbound shipments to you individually, the cost of shipping the single aggregated package and the amount you saved as a result. If you buy records from Stone Groove Records, I will not include those records in the calculation of the PackAgg fee.

Payment Options

For payment, its Paypal these days. I ask that you split the Paypal fee, which is 4% of the total plus $.30 for the transaction. As soon as I receive payment and ship the package, USPS will start sending you tracking emails.

Step 4 - Package Receipt

USPS will send you tracking emails and should let you know when the package arrives. I would appreciate if you would send me an email at to tell me when you receive your package.

Questions & Support

If you have any questions regarding the service, how it works and why it's beneficial to you, please send me an email at If you are ready to get started, send me an email today. I appreciate your business and hope & believe that this service can save you money in your record collecting. Thank you.

Andy Macaleer
Stone Groove Records

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